Advanced Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching

The Advanced Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching Program provides graduate students in applied music with opportunities to improve their teaching skills under the supervision of established teachers through coursework, seminars, and internships. This is not a stand-alone program; rather, it is to be undertaken in conjunction with an Eastman graduate degree.

Benefits to the graduate student
Increasingly, as part of the interview process, candidates for faculty positions are asked specifically to demonstrate their teaching skills and to address issues of teaching and learning. The Advanced Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching curriculum is designed to prepare students to become more effective teachers.

Components of the Program
Coursework includes a 2-hour “core” course, Preparing Future Music Faculty, plus departmental pedagogy/methods courses at the graduate level,plus elective courses. Some examples of elective courses are ALP courses (i.e., Joys and Opportunities of Studio Teaching and Leadership Issues in Music), pedagogy courses outside the student’s home area, courses in psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences, and education courses in the Warner School of Education and Human Development.

Internships: An internship bearing two hours of credit (PED 471) is available at no cost to students who have been accepted into the Advanced Certificate Program. Program Director Donna Brink Fox and the student’s primary applied teacher will typically supervise the internships. Internships will be offered to qualified graduate students who teach in the Eastman Community Music School, The College of Arts and Sciences, the Eastman undergraduate program, and other community settings.

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Certificate Requirements

A limited number of graduate students (5-6) will be selected each year for the certificate program. Based upon the specific internship and coursework, students may qualify for the Advanced Certificate in College Teaching, the Advanced Certificate in Community Teaching, or the Advanced Certificate in Community and College Teaching.

A curriculum individually crafted for each student in the certificate program, will include:

MUE 504: Preparing Future Music Faculty 2 credits
Departmental Pedagogy or Methods 4 credits
Electives (require departmental approval) 4-6 credits
Internship 2 credits
Total 12-14 credits

A pedagogical colloquium will be given by each teaching intern near the end of the internship, and will be evaluated by two departmental faculty members and one outside faculty member.

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How To Apply

Applicants to the Advanced Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching Program must be current Eastman students pursuing a graduate degree.

The application process includes submitting the application form, one personal statement, two letters of recommendation, college transcript(s), and an interview with the program coordinator and a team of faculty advisors.

For additional information, please contact:

Academic Affairs Office
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14604
Phone 585.274.1020
Fax 585.276.2150

Donna Brink Fox, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Program Director, Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching

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