Beyond the Classroom: Snapshots from my Week around Rochester

October 14, 2015

This post was created by Dolly Canevari, who is a Dual Degree student here at the University of Rochester and Eastman in Applied Music (Bassoon) and Anthropology.  Dolly is in the Class of 2017.



Despite it being mid-October, the weather is still pleasant enough for outdoor activities! This photo is from the setup of Meliora Weekend at the University of Rochester’s River Campus. Meliora is our school’s motto meaning “ever better.” The weekend comprised of guest talks, alumni reunions and concerts.

UR Quad

Students lounging on the quad on the River Campus of the University on a sunny afternoon.


At Eastman, we are fortunate to have a diverse range of musicians and artists come to talk to us about our careers and perform for us. This week, Kristen Chenoweth answered student’s questions. Topics ranged from what we should know about Kristen’s life that is not on Wikipedia to the most meaningful moment in her career.


There are plenty of fun things to do around Rochester outside of the multiple campuses at the University of Rochester. My friends and I took a boat ride on the Erie Canal to de-stress at the end of the week.


On Saturday, two of Eastman’s orchestras—Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia— had a combined concert for Meliora Weekend.


After large ensemble concerts it is common for studio mates, friends, and colleagues to wait in Lowry Hall to congratulate performers on a spectacular performance. This picture shows Lowry Hall, filled with the supportive Eastman community.

7StrongMuseum 8StrongTuba 9StainedGlass

One of George Eastman’s goals was that the Eastman School of Music would enrich the community. A group of music education and performance majors were able to join up and talk to kids on how instruments work at Rochester’s Museum of Play. Through demonstrations and instrument “experiments”, children learned how our instruments are able to produce sound. It also gave us college kids a chance to play throughout the museum as well!


Finally, with midterm week upon us, musicians find creative spaces to study.