Piano Accompanying

Audition Repertoire


2022 On campus Audition Dates: Saturday February 12, 19, 26 

Piano Accompanying & Chamber Music applicants may choose to audition either on-campus or remotely via video upload. The required repertoire is the same for both audition types. All applicants must submit their repertoire selections within the online application. Every effort will be made to find partners for on-campus auditions.

2022 Remote Audition option: 

Applicants who choose to audition by video recording should submit all other application materials by December 1st and upload their audition videos by February 1st.  In February applicants may be asked to interview remotely with Dr. Harley. During this interview, candidates will be asked to perform a selection from the submitted audition repertoire recording. This will be performed without partners. Candidates will be asked to sight-read from the following volume: Schubert Lieder Peters Edition Volume I (High Key), in addition to other sight-reading examples which will be e-mailed during the interview. Candidates will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their foreign-language skills at this time. If you encounter any difficulties in accessing collaborative partners for your recordings, or in meeting any of the audition repertoire requirements, please contact Dr. Andrew Harley directly at aharley@esm.rochester.edu

 MM & DMA Audition requirements:

  • Two complete, contrasting instrumental works, selected from the Accompanying Audition Repertoire List (see PDF link below), Group A 
  • Five songs representing stylistic and linguistic variety, from the Accompanying Audition Repertoire List, using appropriate selections from Group B, C and D 
  • One Mozart aria selected from the Accompanying Audition Repertoire List, Group E. 
  • One concerto reduction, selected from the Accompanying Audition Rep List, Group F 
  • Candidates may choose to present a solo piano work, if they wish.

Accompanying Audition Repertoire List