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Spring 2014 – Senior MUA students Melissa Zgouridi and Alexandria Cade gave their final presentations in Ciminelli Lounge.

Melissa Zgouridi (BM AMU MUA VCM) presented on her final MUA paper entitled, “Beneath the Mask: Examining the World of fĂȘtes galantes.”

Melissa Zgouridi

From left to right: Timothy Scheie, Melissa Zgouridi, Jan Opalach













Alexandra Cade (BM AMU MUA VLA ’14) presented a performance with vocalist, Katherine Weber (BM AMU MEV VCM ’14), and accompanist, Mattew Moisey (BM AMU MEV VCT ’14), based on her final paper entitled, “Politics of Parlor Music: The Musical Life of Frances Adeline Seward.”

Allie Cade 1

From left to right: Katherine Weber, Alexandra Cade, Matthew Moisey
















Allie Cade 3

From left to right: Michael Anderson, Alexandra Cade, Roger Freitas

Allie Cade 4

From left to right: James Van Demark, Reinhild Steingrover, Alexandra Cade, Roger Freitas, John Hain, Jan Opalach