Voice and Opera Faculty

Department Chair

Miller, Russell
Professor of Vocal Coaching and Repertoire; Chair, Voice and Opera Department

Carr, Stephen
Assistant Professor of Opera; Acting Head, Eastman Opera Theatre

Ciesinski, Katherine
Professor of Voice; ECMS Collegiate Instructor in Voice

Cowdrick, Kathryn
Associate Professor of Voice

d'Amato, Alison
Assistant Professor of Vocal Coaching, part time

Daigle, Steven
Professor of Opera; Head of Eastman Opera Program; Dramatic Director, Eastman Opera Theatre; Spring Semester 2014 Academic Leave

Hess, Benton
Distinguished Professor of Voice; Senior Vocal Coach; Music Director, Eastman Opera Theatre

McIver, Robert
Professor of Voice; Supervisor, Applied Voice Studio TAs

Opalach, Jan
Assistant Professor of Voice

Shane, Rita
Professor of Voice

Swensen, Robert
Professor of Voice

Webber, Carol
Professor of Voice; Spring Semester 2014 Academic Leave

Affiliate Faculty

Curren, Christina Balsam
Assistant Professor of German Lyric Diction and Vocal Coach, part time

Professors Emeriti

Marcia Baldwin

Dale Moore

Masako Ono Toribara