Wellness Initiative for Students at Eastman (WISE)

The Wellness Initiative for Students at Eastman, or “WISE”, is a series of events, workshops, and resources throughout the academic year for undergraduate and graduate students. The services are intended to support, foster, and encourage the overall well-being of the whole student, while complementing the academic rigor of the Eastman School of Music.


Recurring Programs

The WISE program works with Amy Jo Metzendorf, co-founder and owner of Bodhi Tree Yoga, to provide weekly, free yoga classes to Eastman students. Classes are held in Annex 902 on Fridays at 6 pm in spring semester and are open to all.  Fall semester class is a 1-credit class on Wednesdays/Fridays from 6-7:15pm, (WLN101) with a max of 25 students. Yoga mats are not provided, but can be purchased in the Office of Student Life for $5. Yoga is aimed at uniting the mind, body, and spirit together as one. Great for: Posture, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, and Emotional Well Being.

C. Raksha Elmer, LMT, will offer 30-minute or 60-minute table massages for undergraduate and graduate students. You must make an appointment at the Office of Student Life during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm). The cost of a 30-minute session is $20, and a 60-minute session is $50. Payment to the Office of Student Life by cash or URos must be made at the time of the appointment, and cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will not be refunded.

Cooking Classes
Each academic year, WISE partners with Eastman Dining Services to offer cooking classes to students with a focus on health and nutrition. Classes have included make-your-own-sushi and Mediterranean dips and chips. Students leave with recipes, food, and leftovers!

Supplemental Funding for Studios and Classrooms
As part of WISE, funding opportunities are available to ESM collegiate faculty for wellness programs within studio and classroom settings. Funding for these opportunities is limited to $150 per year. Faculty and departments interested in holding department, rehearsal, or school-wide programs should contact the Office of Student Life to discuss funding opportunities. Department, rehearsal, and school-wide programs may be funded at higher levels. To apply for funding, please email studentlife@esm.rochester.edu or call x.41106.



The WISE program makes high-fidelity earplugs available to all Eastman students, free of cost.  Regular use of high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music may protect you from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sounds throughout your life (Etymotic Research, www.etymotic.com).  Stop by the Office of Student Life for your free set!

Students and George Eastman support the use of earplugs!


Wellness Directory

This directory was created by McMillan Gaither in 2010, during his year as the ESM Wellness Initiative (WISE) Intern through the Arts Leadership Program. This directory is meant to serve as a resource for Eastman students wishing to expand their participation in wellness activities. The Wellness Directory is now maintained by the Eastman Office of Student Life.


Additional Resources