Supplemental Funding for Studios and Classrooms

Funding Request Form

As part of WISE, the Studio and Classroom Wellness Program provides funding opportunities to ESM collegiate faculty for wellness programs within studio and classroom settings. Generally, funding for these opportunities is limited to $150 per year. Faculty and departments interested in holding department, rehearsal, or school-wide programs should contact the Office of Student Life to discuss funding opportunities. Department, rehearsal, and school-wide programs may be funded at higher levels. For assistance in finding a wellness provider, please contact the Office of Student Life. Instructions: 1. Find a wellness provider. Wellness providers commonly used by WISE are listed in the WISE directory ( The Office of Student Life will assist you in finding, contacting, and negotiating payment with a wellness provider. 2. Complete this Funding Request Form. 3. Receive confirmation from the Office of Student Life for the program. 4. Conduct a successful program. 5. After program, have students complete WISE assessment form, which will be provided to you via e-mail. These are used by the WISE team in reviewing effectiveness of wellness providers. 6. The wellness provider will invoice the Office of Student Life for his or her instruction time, along with additional financial paperwork needed. Payment will be made directly to the provider by the Office of Student Life.
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