Students with Disabilities

The Assistant Dean for Student Life serves as the Local Disability Resource Coordinator for the Eastman School of Music and works closely with the University Intercessor and Coordinator of Disability Resources to make arrangements for reasonable academic accommodations in educational settings. It is a personal decision to disclose the existence of a disability and to request an accommodation. A decision not to disclose will be respected. However, please be aware that accommodations cannot be made retroactively.

Students who request an accommodation must provide appropriate documentation to the Assistant Dean for Student Life. Supporting  documentation must be submitted on letterhead that is dated, typed, and signed and be provided by a qualified physician, psychologist, audiologist, speech pathologist, rehabilitation counselor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other health care provider. Supporting documentation should not be provided by a family member even if the family member is a qualified health care provider. The documentation should:

  • Be sufficient to establish a direct link between your underlying condition and your  requested accommodation.
  • Include a description of the functional limitations of your disability as they relate to the major life activity impacted by the diagnosis.

It is extremely helpful if disability documentation includes:

  • The diagnosis
  • The history of onset
  • The methodologies used to determine the diagnosis
  • The suggested accommodations

The University often will provide the specific accommodations requested, but may not be legally required to do so if there is another effective accommodation available. If you receive a letter requesting additional information, please feel free to contact the Assistant Dean for Student Life with any questions or concerns.

If you require a housing or dining accommodation follow the 3-step process online. Please read this information carefully to determine which sections are pertinent to Eastman School of Music students.

The University of Rochester recognizes that students with disabilities (whether temporary or permanent), who live on campus, may find it difficult to navigate campus to get from their residence hall to classes. For information regarding on-campus transportation assistance for students who live in University housing please click here.

If you’re a student who may require parking related accommodations to access the buildings in which you work, live and study, the University of Rochester provides disability parking accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA AA) and other relevant laws. If you require parking related accommodation assistance, please follow the process outlined here.

Supporting documentation regarding the existence and the nature of your disability is generally considered private. Without your  written consent and except as stipulated here, information contained in the disability file is kept confidential to the maximum extent possible.  Disability-related information will also be kept separate from your academic record. Access to your disability file is limited to the local Disability Support Coordinator, the University Disability Coordinator, and other University officials who require access to the information to perform their professional responsibilities, or who need access to protect your health or safety or the health or safety of others.

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