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The following text is found at the beginning of one of our books (Bohuslav Martinů, The Man and his Music, by Miloš Šafránek):

To THE Purchaser of this Book, from its Publisher:-
ALL PAPER, including the paper on which books are printed, as well as the materials which go into the manufacture of paper are absolutely essential to the prosecution of the war.
§ § Because of this, book publishers are now seriously restricted in the amount of paper which is available for books. For 1944 my firm is allowed but three-quarters as many pounds of paper as we
used in the calendar year of 1942.
§§This means that unless we economize in the use of paper in every way possible, we shall not be able to print anything like all of the books readers will demand of us. This is particularly important because our list abounds in good books published as long as twenty years ago (the Borzoi was founded in 1915) for which there is still steady demand and which we do not wish to let go out of print.
§§We are therefore reducing the size of our books and 1 also their thickness, and have made an effort, without sacrificing readability, to reduce the number of pages by getting more printed matter on each page. For this we must beg your indulgence, though I think that in many ways the smaller and thinner books are more attractive to handle and to read than their larger and fatter fellows. On the other hand, despite the shortage of all materials that go into the making of books and the critical manpower shortage among all printers and binders, we intend in every way possible to preserve those physical qualities which have long made Borzoi Books outstanding. We will use cloths
of as good quality as we can procure and will maintain the same high standards of typographical and binding design.
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