The locker request process is currently closed and will re-open in August for new assignments in the 2016-2017 school year.


Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will not be assigned more than one locker. You can expect a locker assignment within 10 business days of submitting the form. Locker requests will not be honored if received after the request deadline, or if not received via this online form. Contact the Information Window Coordinator Katie Curtis at or 274-1084 with any questions. Harp, percussion, double bass, tuba, and euphonium players will not be assigned lockers because they have locked practice rooms. *If you are a student with a disability or have mobility restrictions, and have concerns regarding access to a locker, please contact the Information Window directly.


1. Lockers at the Eastman School of Music are available to full-time, enrolled, registered Eastman collegiate students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Locker requests will not be honored if received after the fall request deadline, or if not received via the online request form.

2. Students will not be given more than one locker, nor share a locker.

3. Locker assignments are valid only during the academic year between September and the last day of classes in May. Lockers must be vacated and contents removed on or before the last day of classes in May. Students graduating in December must vacate the locker and remove contents on or before the last day of classes in December. Lockers may not be reserved during summer.

4. Contents found remaining in lockers after the deadline to vacate will NOT be stored and will be disposed of or destroyed.

5. You must use the lock that is supplied by Eastman and communicate any repairs needed to the lock or locker to Facilities. Unauthorized locks on lockers will be removed and contents disposed of or destroyed.

6. You must use the lock and locker you have been assigned; you may not switch with another user.

7. The lock and locker are property of the University and the University reserves the right to enter at any time.

8. Students are not permitted to affix anything to the inside outside of the locker.

9. Lockers are to be used for academic purposes only.

10. Students are not permitted to store any food, perishable items, beverages, flammable items, alcohol or other drugs, chemicals, weapons, or other items that may violate the code of conduct.

11. The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to locker contents, regardless of means. Lockers are utilized at the student’s own risk.

12. Users who violate any of the above terms of use will be subject to:

  • Penalty fines of $150.00 or more added to the term bill and/or;
  • Student conduct charges and/or;
  • Revocation of locker use privileges.

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