The purpose of NYSACMP is to advance the cause of music in higher education generally and to improve the quality and program of the music education system in New York through the promotion of cooperation between all colleges and universities and through the exercise of educational leadership.  Additionally, the association:

  • Encourages membership in the Association of music schools and departments that exhibit high quality in meeting their own stated purposes.
  • Serves the State Education Department, the New York Council of the Arts, and other appropriate organizations and agencies in an advisory capacity on music matters.
  • Serves as a body through which cooperative action may be taken.
  • Provides a forum for the discussion of major issues relating to music in higher education in New York and for the exchange of information on curriculum content and member institutions.
  • Conducts research and communicates to its members information on current developments in music in higher education in New York.
  • Furthers the understanding of music's importance as an essential element in the general education of all students.
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to individual music departments without infringing on their integrity and autonomy.
  • Works toward public understanding of music education, solutions for its problems and realization of its potential.

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2015 Fall Meeting

Saturday, Sept. 19
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY
Schedule and information

2015-2016 Officers

Brad Fuster, President

Karl Boelter, Past President

Jennifer Miceli, Vice President

David Heuser, Secretary/Treasurer

Diane Bargiel, 2-Year Institutions Representative

Daniel Barta, 4-Year Institutions, Private

Michael Sitton, 4-Year Institutions, Public