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February 29th (the extra day once every four years) provides jazz pianist and composer Harold Danko with the occasion of presenting a concert featuring his music.  Danko has persisted in appropriating February 29’s for his own musical self-interests over the last 36 years (more than half of his life) and in past concerts has relied on willing musicians, friends, and even students to celebrate with him. The idea is to serve up an evening of his own compositions, particularly after some reflection during the intervening four years, and he has described these events as instantly nostalgic (at least for himself) and boasts that it remains “the slowest-growing cult event of modern times”.

The “Quadrennial Event” tradition was inaugurated in 1980 at the Jazz Gallery in NYC, sponsored by Cobi Narita’s Universal Jazz Coalition with a grant from Meet the Composer, and continued at legendary NYC jazz clubs such as Birdland and the Five Spot before nesting at the Little Theatre Café in Rochester in 2000 and 2004, and more recently at Venu-Resto Lounge in 2008 and in solo piano format at Eastman’s Kilbourn Hall in 2012.

“I like to think of myself as a composing improviser (or improvising composer, depending on my mood) and am honored to present my tenth leap year event as part of the Eastman Faculty Artist Series in Kilbourn Hall, performing works from nearly five decades with close friends.”

Rich Perry – tenor saxophone 

Clay Jenkins – trumpet

Charles Pillow – woodwinds 

Jeff Campbell – bass

Rich Thompson – drums


Duet selections with Harold Danko – piano, and Rich Perry – tenor saxophone, to be selected from the following:

To Start Again, Next Age/Rhythm’s Child, Other Things in the Space, Hopelessness Regained, Candlelight Shadows, For Bud, Insomnique, Gregarious Solitude, Notzenytes, Waiting Time


Sextet selections adding Clay Jenkins – trumpet, Charles Pillow – woodwinds, Jeff Campbell – bass, and Rich Thompson – drums, to be selected from the following:

Blue Swedish Wildflower, Chest Frenzy, Wayne Shorter, McCoy’s Passion, Tidal Breeze, Chet’s Maze, New Autumn


All compositions by Harold Danko (b. 1947) and published by Aaychdee Music ASCAP.