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internships & awards for 2014-2015

Congratulations to all our ALP Students receiving awards for internships and special opportunities. This includes awards for the Summer of 2014 and the Academic Year 2014-2015 internships in the local Rochester area.

We are especially pleased to announce the award of the 2014-2015 post graduate internship to Andrew Worden.

Read about all of them here.



ALP Update - may 2014

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GET READY FOR THOSE INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS! Learn how to build a résumé that goes beyond chronologically listing what you've done, but rather highlights your key accomplishments and goals while targeting specific jobs and job-types.

Miss the ALP Résumé Workshop? Set an appointment with Sam Krall, the ESM Careers Coordinator, who can give you some great direction on your materials. Find out how to set an appointment here.


ALP Alumni Map

Traveling for an interview or audition? Want feedback about the professional music scene in a certain city? This map is a great resource to use for connecting with ALP alumni.

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You got into college. Soon you'll have a degree. Where do you go from here? The Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Program offers relevant experience for the artists of tomorrow.
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IML Spotlight

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Elisa Kohanski in the new IML Spotlight



ALP Alumni Map

Check out what ALP alumni are doing all over the globe!

ALP Alumni Map


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ALP Update May 2014
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ALP celebrated 15 years October 11-14, 2012 more



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