Jeannie Guerrero

Jeannie Guerrero

Associate Professor of Music Theory

2014-15 Leave

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Jeannie Guerrero has bachelor’s degrees from the University of Chicago (classical languages and literature, 1993) and from the Eastman School of Music (music theory and piano, 1998). She received her master’s degree and doctorate in music theory from Harvard University. One of her specialties, and the subject of her Harvard dissertation, is the interaction and fusion of text and music in the choral works of the socially committed 20th-century Italian composer Luigi Nono. Guerrero’s secondary area of interest is historical musicology, including 14th- and 15th-century Italian music.

Her liberal arts background and approach is reflected in the variety of honors, grants, and related professional experiences that she brings to Eastman. These include presentations and publications on topics from medieval and Latin American music and composers to the works of Nono, Schoenberg, and contemporaries of J.S. Bach.

From 2001-2003, Guerrero was a teaching fellow at Harvard in music theory for undergraduate majors and non-majors. She has also been a private piano teacher, accompanist, and coach, and has sung at King’s Chapel in Boston and at Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel.

“As a scholar, I value the richness that multiple perspectives bring to challenging problems,” says Guerrero. “Imparting the value of focused flexibility to my students has therefore characterized my mission as a teacher. By showing them how to apply their education to unforeseen challenges, I strive to prepare them for life not only as musicians, but also as powerful thinkers in general.”