Rochester Philharmonic Young Artist Auditions

Many of this years’ winners are students in Eastman Community Music School.


Allen Award (male voice)

1st:  Emmett Tross, student of Patricia Alexande
Runner up:  Aaron Bigleisen


Martin Award (female voice)

1st:  Michaela Swan
Runner up:  Kristie Lynn Mosher, student of Cecile Saine


Ness Award (piano)

Duo Xy


Albright Award (strings)

1st:  Dylan Kennedy, Theory, student of Carl Heuckendor
Runner up:  Ilya Kim, student of Oleh Krysa


Greer Award (instrumental)

1st:  Haley Miller, flute, Flute Techniques, student of Jan Angus
Runner up: Marcus Kreiger, student of Ruth Cahn


Aldridge-Tinker Scholarship ($1,000 for an instrumentalist)

Rachel Mills, Chamber Music Strings IV, student of Janet Milnes


Jan DeGaetani Scholarship ($1000 for voice)

Emily Helenbrook, student of Patricia Alexander


Special Award (recommendation to perform with the RPO)

Emmett Tross, student of Patricia Alexander


Congratulations to all of these wonderful students!