Selecting Your Diploma — What are the choices

The school offers three diplomas:

  • The Diploma
  • The Advanced Diploma
  • The Pre-Collegiate Diploma

ECMS Diploma Flyer

These diplomas are based on three different lengths of study and as such represent three different depths and breadths of study. The ECMS Diploma is designed to be comfortably completed in 2-years. The Advanced Diploma is designed to be completed in 4-years and the Pre-Collegiate Diploma is designed to be completed in 6-years. These time frames are all approximate and could be stretched out or shortened at the student’s will.

The choice of diploma has to do with the student’s love of music, dedication to music and possibly to what the student plans on doing in the music field. For students who do not intend on majoring in music at the college level and who just want to deepen their experience in music the choice of the ECMS Diploma or the ECMS Advanced Diploma would be appropriate.

For students who are quite serious about music and who might be thinking of majoring or minor in music at the college level the Advanced or Pre-Collegiate diploma would be most appropriate.

No matter which diploma you choose, the University of Rochester maintains your official transcripts with all of you courses and lessons and grades earned for each. These transcripts will be sent to the colleges of your choice for no charge at your request.

Sample Schedules for each Diploma

ECMS Diploma (requires approximately 2 years of study at ECMS) 

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