Making the most of a campus visit

Visiting a college campus is a great way to get a more complete picture of what studying there would be like. Websites are a useful starting point, but they can’t replace the first-hand experience of meeting faculty, students and staff members and seeing the campus in person.  Here are some tips to make the most of these visits:

  1. Maximize your travel by combining college visits with other trips.  If you have a family vacation planned near a college you are interested in, try to set aside some time for a campus visit.  Some families plan road trips with stops at several schools, which can work well too. However, visiting more than three or four different colleges in a single trip can become a bit overwhelming.
  2. Contact the Office of Admissions well in advance. Ask about tours and/or information sessions available during your visit. These may be offered only on certain days or times of day, so plan accordingly. Also ask about any other opportunities that might be available, such as sitting in on a rehearsal or attending a concert. When visiting Eastman, you may also want to consider a visit the University of Rochester’s River Campus. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for college visits, but other times of year can also work very well.
  3. Connect with faculty. If you are hoping to meet with a faculty member during your visit, contact him or her via email as far in advance as possible to introduce yourself and inquire about availability. A lesson or meeting is an excellent way to get a feel for teaching style and “fit.” A lesson can also be particularly useful if you have started preparing your audition repertoire so that they can give you specific tips on how to improve. Most faculty members do charge a fee for sample lessons, so be sure to inquire about this when you arranging the lesson time. Also keep in mind that faculty members have very busy schedules, and may not be available if you haven’t made an appointment in advance.
  4. Talk to current students during your visit and ask about their experiences. Spend some time in the cafeteria, local coffee shop or any common areas where students gather. (A visit to Eastman would not be complete without a stop at Java’s!) Your tour guide may be a student, or you may be able to meet up with some of the students who play your instrument. Don’t be shy – students are usually more than happy to meet fellow musicians and tell you about their school.
  5. Before you go, make a list of specific questions you want to ask. Some topics you might want to learn more about include coursework, ensembles, student life, study abroad, dual degrees, financial aid, and the application & audition process. Your questions will become more focused as you learn more about different schools. There’s a lot to learn, and each school is different, so come prepared and take notes!
  6. After your visit, take some time to review any brochures you collected as well as your notes. Think about what you learned, whether the school feels like a “fit” for you, and any new questions you might want to add to your list for future visits.

We look forward to meeting you on campus!

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